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Sadie Wohlen von Heidi

We are very pleased to introduce our beautiful female  Sadie Von Wholen Heidi AKC# DN0360306 ~  Heidi was our foundation dog; the one who started it all for us. Heidi was the first white German shepherd we owned, and she made us fall in love with the breed! Her sweet personality, amazing nature and white color was unique and made our perfect family dog. She was loving , loyal and was a great companion!  Heidi had great conformation and was loved by everyone who met her. Heidi also loved swimming in the all the lakes & rivers, and take long walks in the park with her two favorite kids.
After having Heidi, we wanted to share our love for Shepherds with other families looking for the all-around wonderful family dog. Heidi also had a very stocky large bone structure (where Bear gets it from), with an old- fashion straight back, which is hard to find in this day and age.
Her bloodlines were from the top kennels with European lines of Ve-Lin and Worry Wort kennels with champions all the way back. She inspired our entire breeding program to share her temperament, conformation, and unique coloring to families looking for an amazing protector and family dog.

Heidi has passed away 2014, she will always be loved and missed, she had touched many lives and will continue to thru her future generations of puppies:)



Photos of our beloved Heidi

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