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Angelic's Elvis vom Sprague

elvis 1.jpg

Elvis is owned by Sprague's German Shepherds and I am lucky enough to be able to use him in our breeding program. A little about Elvis's life at his parents Sandy & James Ranch:) Elvis is a big boned, straight-backed, classic black & tan long coat who just happens to carry for solid, blue & white. This handsome dude is living up to his namesake, he is a ladies man for sure! Girls of all species seem to fall for him. He took to ranch life like a duck to water, he loves to be around the horses. He "helps" with ranch chores every morning & night, happily jumping in the back of the truck or the gator. He LIVES to please his Mom and Dad!. To him, we are the most important people people in his life so don't expect him to befriend you right away. He is aloof as the breed should be but once he knows you are friends of ours he is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He is very talkative and is known to give us love songs of whimpers & whines. He has a gentle, easy-going, calm demeanor. He is an extremely smart boy who can be a bit goofy at times. He loves to play ball and swim in our ponds! 

elvis 1
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