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Puppy Questionaire Form

Thank you for inquiring about one of our GSD puppies.  Our puppies are only placed in homes that we feel are suitable loving homes & we screen all prospective puppy parents to the best of our ability. .  In order to aid us with selecting the right puppy for you, we would ask that you provide us with the following information;  this puppy application is part of our home screening process.  And we can not consider a new owner with out this application being completely filled out.   You do not have to fill this application out just to ask us a question about a certain puppy,  however, people who fill out this application will be given first priority.  ** And please note:  We do NOT reply to anyone sending us a one liner email asking us "How Much are your puppies" or what’s the lowest price?!!!   If you decide to ask us a question with out filling out this application,  please give us information on what you are looking for in a new companion and please, always include your name & phone number in your e mail. All information provided will be kept confidential. Keep in mind there are NO wrong answers


We hope to be part of your family's life for the duration of the puppy's lifetime. We are always open to questions - no matter how silly. We would also love to see photos of your puppy as it grows. We also aim to educate new GSD owners so as to ensure that your puppy will have a long and healthy life. We will get back with you  between 24-48hrs 


*Please Note* We reserve the right to sell our dogs to whom ever we want. Completing this questionnaire does not guarantee placement on our waiting lists, or purchase of a dog. 

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