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         Planned Litters

PUPPY NEWS!!- Please Read...

We have very sad news to announce regarding VEGA; She will NO LONGER be in our breeding program 😌 Vega had become very ill with Pyometra (uterus  infection) She had to have an emergency  Surgery (spay) to save her life. Vega is in recovery and will stay on the farm with her human /best friend Cameron our 13 year old son. Cameron still has big plans with Vega and taking her to shows, trials and making her a therapy dog. ❤️

In the meantime we brought in a  beautiful New addition  ASPEN to our breeding program from Texas; Aspen's sire is imported from Serbia and she has OFA Excellent hips and DM clear, with a sweet wonderful personality- (Aspen is a long coat wgs)! We moved your 'Vega Reservations to Aspen or Ember summer litters'.  If there    are early available 'white' pups born this spring, you will have first choice to switch to them  :)

 We have also added a beautiful sweet loving girl named FREYA into our program from Cinnoke German Shepherds in Montana, Her 1st litter fall 2023 will be with our homebred boy Leonidas  :)  

Remember your puppy reservation is forever good and can always switch to another litter of your choice  ❤


we are super flexible for switching litters/ puppies/ or waiting  for the 'right timing' for your puppy (your puppy reservation NEVER GOES BAD) 

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 2022 Puppy Litters Due/Born:


Ember was successfully bred; (Our Polar Bear has been officially retired and can longer Breed) We had to use a outside stud (Arctic Manor German Shepherds) Spartacus has a wonderful Temperament, Health tested (DM N/N-clear and  OFA Certified hips/elbows) AKC White German Shepherd (A proven stud with service/therapy puppies produced from previous litters)

EMBER x Spartacus Puppies
Long & Short  coat puppies - All White puppies

All puppies DM N/N Clear

Born: January 23, 2023

4 Girls / 2 Males


Lotus's presentation .jpg
VF Sir Leonidas Aleksander.jpeg

Lotus was successfully bred with Leonidas (Repeat Breeding) Amazing Pairing and Lotus's final litter with Leonidas.❤️❤️ Floki was not available at this time, so we had to switch sires. Lotus will be bred to an outside Stud in the fall (we will be keeping a female for the next generation) 

LOTUS x Leonidas Puppies
Mid March 2023 
Solid black, Silver sables, & Black/Silver puppies Short & Long coat

Lotus UKC Champion / Leonidas a few points away from UKC Champion / CGC Title 

female reservation
Health Tested Parents


 2023 Puppy Litters PLANNED:

Aspen page.jpg
Loki new page- wgs stud.jpg

  ASPEN x Loki Puppies

 All WHITE puppies. 
Long coat puppies

Planned for February/March 2023

Male Reservation Available

Both Parents are DM N/N Clear and both have OFA Certified Excellent Hips /Normal Elbows... 🌟🌟

VF Noble's Xena.jpeg
Loki new page- wgs stud.jpg

  Xena x Loki Puppies

 White /Silver Sable / Black & Silver All  Long coat puppies

Planned for March/April 2023

Male Reservation Available

Both Parents are DM N/N Clear . 🌟🌟

We will not have any summer puppies due to a few week family planned trip in june of 2023

Late Fall /winter of 2023 planned litters- More info coming soon

VF Sir Leonidas Aleksander.jpeg

Freya, Pending OFA'S / Both parents DM N/N (clear)

Freya x Leonidas    Puppies

 Short  coats only -
Solid Black, white and Silver Sable puppies

Planned: Fall 2023

Female / Male  Reservations available 


VF Noble's Xena.jpeg

Repeat Breeding ❤️

  XENA x YUNO Puppies

All Plush/Long coat Silver Sable / white / Black & Silver puppies
Planned Winter 2023

Male/Female Reservations Available 

Lotus's presentation .jpg

Lotus's FINAL LITTER Before Retirement  / REPEAT Breeding pair FAVORITE ❤️❤️

LOTUS x Floki?  Puppies
Winter 2023 
Solid black and Black/Silver , Silver Sable puppies Short & Long coat

Both have their UKC Championships/  Floki has his Precision coursing. 

 Male / Female Reservations available

Health Tested Parents

VF Sir Leonidas Aleksander.jpeg

Ember's FINAL LITTER Before Retirement ❤️❤️

Ember x Leonidas Puppies
Winter 2023 
Black/Silver , Silver Sable, and white puppies Short & Long coat

Both Parents DM N/N (Clear) 
 Leonidas CGC Title & close to finishing  UKC Championship 

 Male / Female Reservations available

Health Tested Parents

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