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First 8 weeks of your puppies life :)

& Puppy Package Includes:

First 8 weeks of life:


From inception, our females are on a healthy balanced diet to provide a nutritional and healthy beginning for puppies while they are being created  in mom’s womb.


We have our puppy nursery  (also my office- spending a lot of time there) that provides a warm or cool safe environment for our momma dogs as well as their newborn puppies for the first 3 ½ weeks to be spent in.


We stay in the nursery as our moms are in labor and help throughout the process!  We begin touching and handling the pups from the moment they are born and continue this process as they grow. Our boys watch movies and cuddle with the puppies as well before they move to next living environment.


The next stage is when the puppies move into our warm/cool temperature barn for about a week until they get accustomed to the new space. Once they are feeling comfortable, they began to play in the courtyard experiencing many different aspects of life: quads, dirt bikes, loud noises, powerwashing, loud racing bikes, sirens, air brakes (our 12 acre farm is along a busy canyon highway) lots of people, dogs, cats, horses, chickens and ducks.  They love playing with the kids, my husband and myself (getting attention from male, female, and kids ( the kids love kid-proofing the puppies!). LOL


Once our puppies are about 5-6 weeks old they begin to go on puppy adventures on our 12 acres! This puppy adventure teaches the puppies important confidence building, following off leash, recall & listening, learning different textures of ground (rocks, gravel, grasses, dirt, concrete, mats, vinyl, tile, carpet, mud, and sand). They also learn about going up & down hills, meeting all the animals, going through streams, around barrels, tires, and climbing on and over obstacles. During this time the puppies also have play dates with other dogs so they can get accustomed to friendly dog play.

Our puppies learn to have their alone time / entertaining themselves (because everyone has a job, school or something to do away from their home and puppy). It's important that the puppies learn to be separated from their human parents as well have love and play, plus teaching them to be a great obedient pup!


When the puppies are 7 weeks old they go back to our puppy nursery and get reinforced doggy door and potty outside routine.

Also: at 7 Weeks old our puppies go on a truck ride to the veterinarian for their WELLNESS VET EXAM to prepare them to go home to their new parents.


Our puppies are de-wormed regularly, receive preventative care for coccidia & girardi (very common on farm life) and their first vaccinations, as well as a schedule for the next vaccinations.


During their time with us, the puppies are bathed on a regular basis, sleep and play with kids in the house during drying time (during this time they get play with Smokey (our indoor cat that loves puppies!), some alone time in a large crate with their siblings, (unless your puppy is flying - he/she would receive more crate training time for preparation flying time), and we also do photoshoots with puppies every 7-10 days and keep you updated on your puppies growth until they go home with their new parents.


We powerwash on a regular basis as well as use wyishwasha and as well with RESCUE Veterinarian used Cleanser. (bacteria cleanser- killing coccidia, giardia, parvo and other puppy stuff).   Our kennels, barns, large dog pastures, and nursery are all kept clean and sanitized.

We do have 12 acres so it seems like we are always working on some new project and upgrading our place! Lol


Your new family member will be bathed, cleaned, nails trimmed and have a great puppy package to go home with them when 8 weeks old and LIFETIME PUPPY SUPPORT.


Most of our puppies are reserved with deposit before they are born, so please fill out our puppy questionnaire if interested in adopting one of our very special German Shepherd puppies and becoming part of our Puppy Family:)  This is also the way to get onto our 'PUPPY WISH LIST'


puppy price to $2,950 (includes CA Sales Tax)(Deposit is $500 which is part of total price of your puppy $2,950)  we break up the price for you: $500 Deposit to reserve, $600 2nd pup payment at 4 weeks of age, and $1850 balance when picking up your puppy. Also if you prefer to make payments while waiting for your puppy we can accommodate that as well.

NOTE: NON Refundable Deposit but transferable to another litter at anytime. (NO TIME LIMIT to use)

*Having us ship your GS baby with one of the trusted airlines will cost $800.00 in the USA

Shipping INCLUDES: Health Certificate, Airline Approved Crate, Airline Flight, and Travel to Sacramento International Airport. (along with extra crate training for the flight) 

*If you are NOT comfortable with flying air we can look into Ground Transportation & cost.

*BEST TRAVEL & Preferred OPTION: You are welcome to fly or drive out to our farm anytime to meet our shepherds and and can always take your new GS baby as a carry on with you back home. (ONLY 1HR 10 MIN FROM SACRAMENTO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) That way you can meet us/ the doggy parents/ see our  farm and less stressful travel for your new puppy. (I can also meet you @ the airport if needed) 


We can also meet you at the Airport, if Needed? We bring your pup to the airport ($60 travel fee) to meet with you or your Personal Flight Nanny. 


we like using:


*We can possibly ship internationally if you use a Professional animal Transportation & service  


Our puppy package includes:


  • Lots of chews/treats, plush squeak, toys, tug ropes, doggy bags, stool sample container, slip leash, blanket, (pads / puppy wipes for ride home) small bag of our puppy food we feed to our puppies.

  • A.K.C. folder -

  • Bred  with H.E.A.R.T. certificate

  • A.K.C. Registration

  • 5 year Health / genetic / wellness guarantee

  • New puppy handbook  

  • Extended pedigrees from both parents

  • Litter certificate

  • Photos of parents  & grandparents

  • Copies of hip & elbow OFA certifications & any other tests performed

  • Certificates of accomplishments of parents or grandparents

  • Birth / adoption certificate

  • HEALTH records + schedule of future vaccinations needed


  • LOTS OF PUPPY INFO! Training, health, toxins, and much more! etc.

  • Two puppy insurance with Trupanion and AKC insurance (paid enrollment)

  • History of your German Shepherd puppy




              We have a CLOSED (private) CS VISTA FARMS PUPPY FAMILY Facebook Group - A great way to share photos of your puppies, see their siblings and cousins, and is also a fantastic place to ask for friendly advice, make play dates with puppies in your area, and show off your accomplishments of your precious puppy and their hard work they have done.  If you don’t have a Facebook page no worries! Many people just make their puppy one so they can enjoy the puppy family group!! :)


We are also on Instagram: CS_VISTA_FARMS to share photos of your puppies (some of our puppy families are not on Facebook but do enjoy Instagram puppy sharing!) Or they like to keep a less social profile by using Instagram. And sometimes their puppy has their own INSTAGRAM account! 

We are also on the newest social media MEWE, here is our Link:

Business Facebook Page Link: 

CS VISTA FARMS on You Tube too! (still learning how to use.. LOL

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