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Kahlee Geschenk vom gott

We would like to introduce our beautiful sable german shepherd female, Kahlee. AKC # DN36612404.  We are excited for having her be part of our family. 

I am so excited to introduce Kahlee into my breeding program.  Kahlee embodies the essence of the original DDR Shepherd, with her deep chest and long back and fiercely loyal temperament. She loves to please... Introducing her bloodlines into my breeding program will preserve the unique intelligence and strong working body that the breed was renounced for.  Combined with Bear’s sweet disposition, great structure, & dark pigment these puppies are going to be reminiscent of the original DDR Shepherd with fierce loyalty, intelligence, and family oriented dispositions.  A quick look into Kahlee’s pedigree and understanding of where she comes from….During the turmoil of both World Wars, the German shepherd arose out of precise breeding and the necessity for an intelligent, agile, loyal, and trainable partner for the soldiers in the wars.  In particular, in 1945 East German began a special breeding program to create the border dogs, now known as the DDR German Shepherds.  Extremely rigid breeding guidelines were put into practice.  Agree with the standards or not, one cannot argue that it did assure that for almost 40 years only the dogs who met strict criteria were allowed to breed.  These standards included powerful, deep chested bodies with straight long backs, intimidating presence and supreme intelligence. In addition, the working abilities skill tests for the DDR Shepherds included a straight wall of 1.5 meters (roughly 5 feet) and 1.8 meters (compared to the current inclined wall), walking on a balance beam, 10 blinds to search (instead of the now 6), and the tracking tests included more corners and angels, one test even contained 16! The border patrol and their dogs watched over minefields, border fences, and watch towers.  Many dog runs and pens were set up throughout the border, with each of these runs averaging about 3 miles each that the DDR Shepherds were responsible for guarding.  More than just a sentry dog, they served as tracking and attack dogs.  The DDR Shepherd also deployed a special dog pack to find deserters of their “cause” in large area searches such as buildings, timber/woods, or fields.  

OFA Certified GOOD Hips & Elbows

kahlee OFA
kahlee elbow xray left
kahlee elbow xray right
kahlee pedigree
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