Imported from Russia

crvtc ukc dog show April 2018

best male 4x

Best of breed 4x

2nd in herding group

CS VISTA FARMS presents our newest addition to our breeding program as well as family! 

 kosma House Ibard Forester AKA: Loki is imported all the way from RUSSIA. He is 1 year  old DM Clear & MDR1 Clear by parentage, long snowy white coat, black pigment, beautiful strong body structure, playful & great temperament! Loki absolutely loves Cameron and loves to go for hikes & adventures :)                                Loki is a BIG Water & Snow dog!!!  

Registered AKC German Shepherd, UKC white Shepherd, FCI Berger Blanc Suisse


Father: Made-To-Measure Kokkio Kilego

 Multichempion; Interchempion; Grandee Champion; Champion RKF; 2 Champion of the National Coalition Party; Champion of Eurasia; Young Champion of Germany; Champion of Russia; Champion of Azerbaijan; Champion of Bulgaria; Champion Georgy; Champion of Cyprus; Champion of Costa Rica; Champion of Romania; Champion Fillipin; Champion of Moldova; Champion of the Czech Republic; Second World War of Eurasia 1,2 – 2014; Witz Champion of Europe – 2014; Candidate for Champions of Poland (2CAC); The Second World War of the National BShO (ChNKP) exhibition – 2014.


Mother: Victoria Aus Ottohof

 Young Champion of Russia, ChRFLS, ChRFSS, ChOANKOO

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