arpt ukc dogs show august 2017

best female 2x

crvtc ukc dog show April 2018

best female 2x

Kaui is our female version of a polar bear, with her frosty white coat and onyx colored pigmented skin.  She is a grand-daughter to our very own Sky!  Kaui loves going to work with me, and has the extraordinary patience to be in the car all day with me and no complaints (better than our kids)!  Her easy to train, mellow attitude makes a perfect companion and gives her such an amazing demeanor, especially with children.  If there was ever a “go with the flow” type of dog, Kaui would be at the top of our list! She loves accompanying our boys to their school events and making friends wherever she goes with her easy-going nature.  

When she tagged along to a show at 6 months of age, the Judges had to pick their chins up from the floor when they saw her and expressed their approval with hopes to see her in the show ring when she was older.  That opportunity is coming up; on April 20th she will compete in her first pointed show! 

If you can’t tell, we are in love with her cool, collected, and calm nature.  What makes her even better and a must-have addition to our breeding program is her beautiful friendly expression, the amazing quality of her frosty white coat, and her body style is strong and well-built.  Just to add sprinkles on top, Kaui is tested DM N/N CLEAR, MDR1 CLEAR and has OFA Certified Good Hips & Normal Elbows.

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