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Khaleesi, is our dream girl (TALA x LOKI Daughter) she reminds us soo much of our very special girl VEGA (Vega is my son Cameron's dog who had to leave our breeding program due to having Pyometra and having emergency uterus removal)  ❤️ (Khaleesi is closely related to Vega, same sire Loki, and Vega's momma Icy is Our sweet girl's Grandma) 

Khaleesi, is a short coat snowy white female that carries for long coat. She also is a DM N/A (not affected) carrier and clear of over 200 diseases through the Embark Health Panel completed. Khaleesi is such a sweet loving girl that loves people and giving kisses! She loves going for car rides, exploring new places, making new friends, she also loves to play with other dogs :) She truly has a wonderful kind nature ❤️

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